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Posted july 17, 2011 by admin in preventive tips

And the side effects began to massively attack me barely in accordance with all vital systems (what and warned in the anatomy). Now I have reduced the dose of the previously supporting one.

I can’t completely give up these pills, because the device itself can no longer cope with the production of its own hormones, and because of their shortage, the joints always begin to twist, just for a drug addict (although drug addicts probably break even more). And now, looking back, do I regret that I started taking prednisone? Yes, I am very sorry.

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Admin says on July 17, 2011

I had to continue to dare various folk remedies. Otherwise something did not help me, and I already gave up. At least you know what you take. And there are so many fakes in medical preparations, which is not the only one that cannot be cured, however you will get sick with something else. Prednisolone is also produced by different manufacturers.

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